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Technical Project Manager (Salesforce)

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Our mission

Hi, future teammate!

We are a dedicated group of data nerds inspired by the extraordinary things that can happen when people come together as a community.

We partner with organizations that see community building as a core part of their work. Together, we build customized (and beautiful) data tools and strategies to make their work easier and more impactful. Our primary tool is Salesforce, and we work with clients to not only migrate their data and improve data management, but to make sure that what they measure is actually driving growth and impact. We’re now in our sixth year and just passed 19 full-time team members.

Position Overview

Our Project Manager will be responsible for kicking off and maintaining successful engagements with clients. This person will proactively create, maintain, and upgrade our project management assignments and timelines, communicate effectively with clients as their needs and our deliverables evolve, and collaboratively support, direct, and execute on strategic growth projects. The role will draw on your knowledge of effective organizational collaboration combined with robust technological platforms and people-centered process and training to deliver transformative approaches for our clients.

This role will also call on a big-picture understanding of OpenTent’s vision and mission, paired with an intricate understanding of how the day-to-day pieces fit together. You’ll need the same level of insight into our clients’ big-picture and nitty-gritty realities in order to communicate effectively and help our team deliver the right solutions on the right timeline.


Our Project Manager will work closely with our whole team, and in particular with our engineers. In collaboration with teammates, you will:

Take the lead on ensuring OpenTent understands, documents, and tracks client needs and deliverables

  • Analyze client data and processes to understand current processes and help identify business pain points and objectives.
  • Deeply understand the user stories + tasks in play, so that you can describe them accurately internally and externally.
  • Manage client discovery setup (pre-meetings, meetings, agendas, pre-surveys) to establish a successful partnership and path forward.
  • With our strategists, facilitate discovery meetings and ensure pain points, dreams and needs are captured in a way that will enable engineers to deliver a successful solution.
  • Take messy needs and translate them into a client “success vision,” product requirements, and a project plan (including roles and timeline).

Define and deliver successful client relationships

  • Design and facilitate methods of alignment between us and clients to move forward with a strong partnership. Collaborate with engineers and strategists to deliver: Beautiful and productive emails, clear agendas, helpful reports, visual roadmaps, effective meetings
  • Support OpenTent engineers as they scope, plan, and complete client projects by taking responsibility for client communication, managing expectations, keeping engineers focused on most valuable and highest-priority work, and managing deadlines. This includes leading daily or weekly project team standup meetings.
  • Check in with client team to assess and take action to proactively assess/mitigate risk and support project and relationship success. Wrangle all the players and variables when things go off course (because of emergent requirements, changed deadlines, shifts in external conditions) - adjust to a new plan quickly and smoothly.
  • Manage client satisfaction survey/assessment process and work with the Client Success Strategist to take action toward client happiness as needed (planning internally with staff, communicating with clients, developing tools and materials for project success).
  • Proactively monitor project pacing and resolve pacing risks.

Serve as the primary point of contact for clients and your extended project team

  • Confidently describe what OpenTent does and how we work, from our technology to our processes to our people.
  • With the engineers on your project teams, structure and support demos of work as it gets built to ensure it is meeting product requirements and setting accurate expectations for our client.
  • Structure and support delivery of effective client trainings for groups large and small.
  • Coordinate with software vendors and OpenTent’s consulting partners to keep the extended team aligned.

Improve internal project management systems + processes for growth and sustainability

  • Bring to OpenTent Partners’ attention any needs for resources toward success (i.e. staffing, internal processes).


  • Stronger, deeper relationships between OpenTent and our clients.
  • Positive client feedback on their engagement with OT, measured in quarterly surveys.
  • Our engineers feel supported by you, and your project team collaborates smoothly.
  • Team capacity is managed accurately.
  • Timely client engagement with deliverables and feedback.
  • Turning roadblocks into opportunities (seeing constraints as openings to add value).

What you bring

To be successful in this role you will need to be extremely comfortable - happy, even - in creative, fast-moving environments. The opportunity to help us build something big and impactful is real, and you will be at the heart of that. We know the perfect person may not yet feel confident in all of the areas we’re looking for, and we’re willing to help the right person grow.

REQUIREMENTS (you must meet every requirement):

  • 2-5 years of experience in a Project Manager role with at least 1 year of technical project management experience.
  • Minimum 1 year of experience using Salesforce.
  • Familiar with nonprofits (nonprofit work experience a plus).
  • Experience with project management tools (like Jira, Gantt charts, and 
  • Comfortable managing complicated and often ambiguous projects.
  • Experienced at switching gears in a fast-paced environment and balancing several projects at once.
  • An excellent communicator. You can present thoughts and ideas well verbally, through emails  and through visual communication you design. You are an active listener.
  • A meeting facilitator. You can define meeting goals, chart the path to getting there, address meeting success roadblocks, and foster a productive and collaborative space toward achieving those goals.
  • A problem solver. You are energized when you see something that could be better and motivated to do something about it.


for this role is $80,000 - $95,000/year, with some flexibility depending on experience. The Project Manager will be eligible for all of the great benefits offered to full-time OpenTent employees, including excellent no-premium healthcare, unlimited PTO, 401k matching after one year of service, team retreats, paid parental leave, continued professional development, and much more.

What we bring

Gather frequently.

When it's safe to do so of course...we have generous policies for traveling to see each other and for our twice-a-year Team Advances.

Unlimited PTO.

And also minimum PTO. We sincerely want you to take real breaks from work and we will make sure you do so.

No-premium health insurance.

We offer excellent medical, dental, and vision coverage through Justworks, our HR platform.

More benefits

Professional development budget

Transparent and competitive compensation

Flexible work schedule

Paid family leave

Brand new equipment

401k matching

Application process

Timed skills test (to be completed within a 48 hour period and submitted online)

30 minute Zoom interview with OpenTent (Round 1)

30 minute Zoom interview with OpenTent (Round 2)

Further interviews as needed with our founder, Sam, and other OpenTent teammates + reference checks

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Diversity and inclusion

OpenTent values a diverse workforce and an inclusive culture. We encourage applications from all qualified individuals without regard to race, color, religion, gender, sexual orientation, gender identity or expression, age, national origin, marital status, disability, veteran status, and record of arrest or conviction. OpenTent is an equal opportunity employer.