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Our belief

Strong systems power strong relationships.

Together, we will turn yesterday’s friction into today’s agility, creativity, and resiliency.

Through capacity-building teams, working through clear processes with elegant tools, making wise choices from meaningful data. This is the path we believe leads to joyful communities full of members who feel seen, cared for, and welcomed into the tent.

Our work

We equip organizations to build flourishing communities.

Technology offers people more capacity than ever to organize, be heard, and make change happen. We see possibility for flourishing communities in many places: led by teams and brands of all sizes, by individual activists and entrepreneurs.

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Together, we will design and build elegant tools for relationship management.

Built specifically for the teams who use them, so they can feel confident and capable in serving their mission. Teams are freed from busywork, can gather new insights from data, and respond quickly and creatively to them.

Together, we will centralize and share your organization’s most meaningful data.

Sharing knowledge enables growth. We configure Salesforce® to create a living, shared source of truth which enables our clients to see themselves clearly, recognize opportunities to flex and grow, and visibly connect each person’s work to the organization’s mission.

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Together, we will create space for people and teams to flourish.

Teams filled with bright, mission-aligned people, working in clear and documented roles and processes. Teams that are equipped and trained to reach for continuous improvement. Where people contribute their skills to a culture of clarity and capability.

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About us

The best way to get there is together.

Everyone is more likely to flourish when they have the support they need. We know this is true because we’ve experienced the power of close support, and of deeply rooted community, in our own lives. We show up each day looking to help others feel that same power.

Meet the OpenTenters
Jackie Zais
"At our retreat we as a team selected an organization to assess and learn from. It had to be an organization that we respect and want to embody in their relationship-building. We chose OpenTent!"
Jackie Zais
Assistant Director, GatherDC
Melissa Chapman
"We have been talking about getting to this place internally for three and a half years. Now we are here! It's usable, simple, clear, and you can see there is a lot of strategic thought in it. We could not move forward successfully without all of this work."
Melissa Chapman
Chief Executive Officer, Jewish Community Center of the East Bay
Catherine Deutsch
"Our experience with OpenTent has been top notch. Their whole team are expert communicators, project planners, and builders of rapport. We've had a great experience and I couldn't recommend them more highly."
Catherine Deutsch
Chief of Staff, Braven
Cynthia Weinger
"We had a huge, huge, HUGE win directly related to our Accelerator learning: [our Salesforce Admin/Engineer] has figured out how to resolve the biggest problem with our Salesforce. And she's already updated her documentation on how she created it, where it lives, how it works. It's a game-changing win for us. We had been struggling with this for over a year before the Accelerator."
Cynthia Weinger
Senior Director of Operations, Boulder Jewish Community Center
Steven Adler
"The way the OpenTent team has come through for very impressive. The prototype they developed and the documentation they sent beyond what we've received from any other consultant we've worked with."
Steven Adler
Chief of Staff, Partnership on Artificial Intelligence
Cindy Greenberg
"The work that OpenTent has done for us has transformed us as an organization and set us up for the next decade."
Cindy Greenberg
Executive Director, Repair the World

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