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Community Center Salesforce Solutions

A system to help you focus on people.

Communities make us who we are. They provide us with a sense of connection, purpose, and belonging, allowing us to be part of something larger than ourselves. The world needs communities, and centers like yours, to help bring us together.

The world needs community, and you need a system you know you can rely on, which your staff and constituents love.  

We have vetted hundreds of different solutions and integrations for common issues faced by organizations like yours. You can count on us to understand the challenges you are facing, to design beautiful interfaces your staff and constituents will love, and to build something easy to use with architecture that will last.

Engagement made easy with our
customized Salesforce solutions

Simple membership management

Membership status, activity history, and engagement all in one place, with simple workflows for adding new members or adjusting membership levels. Automatically send the right messages at the right times via text or email.

Childcare + Camps support

Capacity planning, financial aid, collect e-signatures, household billing, integrated payment processing, attendance tracking, and more. Ensure your team has great tools so they can focus on providing great experiences.

Facility controls that just work

Manage rental contracts, set and control room availability, swipe gym keycards, and share calendars to ensure that staff and constituents are able to get the most out of important spaces for bringing people together.

Powerful program management

From course catalogs to registration to facilities management to payments, we've got an array of solutions which streamline staff workflows and offer self-service capabilities for constituents.

Painless financial functionality

Simplify processes, reduce administrative work, and stay organized. Track activity, forecast revenue, manage payments and billing, and more -- all from desktop or mobile.

Engagement made easy

With better data and reporting, you can make smarter decisions,  empower your team, and grow your community base. A single source of truth allows for more visibility across your organization and community.

Melissa Chapman
"We have been talking about getting to this place internally for three and a half years. Now we are here! It's usable, simple, clear, and you can see there is a lot of strategic thought in it. We could not move forward successfully without all of this work."
Melissa Chapman
Chief Executive Officer, Jewish Community Center of the East Bay
Cynthia Weinger
"We had a huge, huge, HUGE win directly related to our Accelerator learning: [our Salesforce Admin/Engineer] has figured out how to resolve the biggest problem with our Salesforce. And she's already updated her documentation on how she created it, where it lives, how it works. It's a game-changing win for us. We had been struggling with this for over a year before the Accelerator."
Cynthia Weinger
Senior Director of Operations, Boulder Jewish Community Center

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