About us

We're here because we've been there.

8+ years of building tools and teams.

We started OpenTent because we saw the immense potential of new tech tools, and knew from lived experience that translating that potential into reality would be challenging for many organizations.

Today we partner with our clients to close that gap through Salesforce consulting, staff coaching, business process design, and holistic partnerships for the long haul.

Our philosophy

We take big bets on big hearts.

By investing in relationships that last, we help our clients succeed as people, not just organizations.

Our Core Values

Build trusting relationships.

Share your work, feedback, and feelings early and often. Say the real thing through thoughtful and direct communication. Make clear agreements and follow through on them.

Seek the whole picture.

Cultivate curiosity and empathy to get to the heart of the matter and the person. Strive to truly understand our teammates and clients.

Be the solution.

Find opportunity in uncertainty and take proactive action. Unlock the potential in yourself and the people around you.

Create joyful experiences.

Craft intuitive interfaces, beautiful materials, and delightful moments. Host the “best meeting of the day” through extraordinary hospitality and your own unique energy.

Work sustainably.

Build for the long-term through simplicity, intentionality, and continuous improvement. Prioritize your wellbeing and commit to honoring rest and renewal.

Our team

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Our clients

An open tent is a space ready for connection. A place where people are remembered and seen. It's yours, it's ours, it's shared - like our world. When our clients start work with us, they join our tent and together we build the systems to carry all of us forward.

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Facing History and Ourselves
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Central Synagogue
Boulder JCC
Repair the World

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