About us

We're here because we've been there.

5+ years of building tools and teams.

We started OpenTent because we saw the immense potential of new tech tools, and knew from lived experience that translating that potential into reality would be challenging for many organizations.

Today we partner with our clients to close that gap through Salesforce consulting, staff coaching, business process design, and holistic partnerships for the long haul.

Our philosophy

We take big bets on big hearts.

By investing in relationships that last, we help our clients succeed as people, not just organizations.

Our intentions

Make it fun.

We hype each other up and deliberately cultivate delight, play, and JOY.

We are forever students: exploring, experimenting, and bringing immense curiosity to every room.

Make it beautiful.

We design our work with intention, simplicity, and vibrancy.

We build for the long-term by creating sustainable solutions.

Make it count.

We hold ourselves accountable for our agreements, and for communicating early and often about them.

We embrace candor. Appreciation, gratitude, and feedback are daily habits.

Make it whole.

We show up with integrity and speak up for what we need.

We commit to building an antiracist company in pursuit of collective liberation.

Make it real.

We set each other up for success by delivering work in small impactful increments.

We grow through unlocking the potential in ourselves and the people around us.

Our team

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Our clients

An open tent is a space ready for connection. A place where people are remembered and seen. It's yours, it's ours, it's shared - like our world. When our clients start work with us, they join our tent and together we build the systems to carry all of us forward.

Partnership on AI
Brooklyn Community Bail Fund
Global Citizen Year
Southern California Grantmakers
Central Synagogue
Foundation for Jewish Camp
Northern California Grantmakers
Bridge to Enter Advanced Mathematics
Boulder JCC

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