Propel your systems by investing in your staff.

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The Accelerator in two minutes:

Capacity building for Salesforce® teams.

Participants will take their technical skills further: broadening their strategic horizon to make change happen faster, smarter, and happier for the entire team.

Organizations will build a stronger and more agile team culture ready to embrace the uncertainty and new technological tools that we know will shape the decades to come.

When deciding whether to invest in your systems or your people, invest in your people. Every time. Doing otherwise is like buying a fancy plane and putting an untrained pilot in the cockpit. A skilled pilot can make any plane soar.

Program Design

The OpenTent Accelerator is a cohort-based strategic training program for staff to learn and deliver a critical Salesforce project by the end of the program. We combine educational modes: immersive cohort-based learning, workshops with industry experts, and one-on-one coaching.

The OpenTent Approach

At every step of systems development, we make sure everyone involved can speak to why the task in front of us connects directly to the organization's mission. This starts with an organizational Discovery, which we'll do together with you at the start of the Accelerator program. We'll highlight workstreams, user groups, and constituent outcomes to form a nimble ongoing development structure.

In the animation shown here, we click through our Interactive Workstream Model to highlight which user stories affect which department. What can we work on concurrently, and which pieces need to be phased after the other? Which components will add the most value, and which users will be most impacted?

Data. Relationships. Community.


Cohort-based learning is at the heart of our training approach. We believe learning + growing happen more effectively when done in relationship with peers on the same path. Together we inspire each other, hold each other accountable, and strengthen the field with the diversity of our ideas.

After the program ends, the relationships you've formed with fellow participants, OpenTent staff, and industry leaders will continue through alumni programming and an online community portal.

45% of nonprofits report that “lack of flexibility for organizational change prevents departments from using tech to improve strategy.”

93% of nonprofits say that “a lack of IT or technical staff is a challenge to their organization’s adoption of new technologies.”
What Clients Say About Us
"The work that OpenTent has done for us has transformed us as an organization and set us up for the next decade."

- Cindy Greenberg, Executive Director, Repair the World
"Our experience with OpenTent has been top notch. Their whole team are expert communicators, project planners, and builders of rapport. We've had a great experience and I couldn't recommend them more highly"

- Catherine Deutsch, Chief of Staff, Braven
"At our retreat we as a team selected an organization to assess and learn from. It had to be an organization that we respect and want to embody in their relationship-building. We chose OpenTent!"

- Jackie Zais, Assistant Director, GatherDC
"The way the OpenTent team has come through for very impressive. The prototype they developed and the documentation they sent beyond what we've received from any other consultant we've worked with."

- Steven Adler, Chief of Staff, Partnership on Artificial Intelligence

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