The OpenTent Accelerator

Holistic coaching for Salesforce teams.

Implement a meaningful Salesforce® project in six months - and then keep building.

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Accelerator program

Equip your team to tell the
story of Salesforce® success.

In the Accelerator, we start with stories. Storytelling is key to connecting Salesforce® to your organization’s overall success; inspiring users and stakeholders to envision how Salesforce will help your organization achieve its long-term goals.

Join us and build the right skills and tools to tell that story. Acquire the building blocks necessary for your team to flourish: resourcing, agile collaboration, technical development, user adoption, and more.

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Our approach

Our coaches and your cohort are by your side.

Salesforce development is hard work, but you’re not in it alone. Meet regularly with a role-specific coach to help move your project forward. Harness the skills and tools taught in our workshops. Network with industry experts. Build relationships and access support from like-minded professionals.

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Who is the program for?
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Go from Organizational Leader to Strategist.
Learn how to communicate about Salesforce, manage your roadmap, obtain buy in from your leadership team and key stakeholders, make data-informed decisions around resourcing, budget for the long term, and measure constituent engagement.

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Salesforce® Admins

Go from Salesforce Admin to Engineer.
Learn how to amplify your role and your voice as Salesforce’s main steward, communicate with your users and constituents through an ongoing and agile process, and how to tackle your never-ending backlog.

The process

Your team owns this. Assess, build, and iterate a meaningful project in 6 months.

Phase 1: Assess

Select a project that addresses your mission and organizational priorities.

Conduct a discovery of your users and stakeholders. Learn about their needs and their experience. Scope the work to select an impactful and attainable project.

Strategists align with leadership to determine priorities
Engineers connect with and distill feedback from users and constituents
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Phase 2: Build

Sprint through an agile process with coaches who have sat in your seat.

Build a roadmap. Implement a task management system. Run sprint planning meetings and stand-ups. Communicate your project story to the rest of your organization. Craft clear problem statements and generate responsive solutions.

Strategists own your project roadmap and mitigate risks to success
Engineers focus on the technical build, develop documentation, and testing plans
Step 3: Iterate

Demo your project, make meaningful iterations, and implement long-lasting processes.

Share your project with your cohort and gain perspective from your Accelerator community. Develop successful training and user adoption plans. Create long-lasting organizational change to continue your agile development work.

Strategists drive cultural change for processes to take hold
Engineers own project roll-out and implement continual feedback loops
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Program testimonials

"When our users ask for something, we're now pushing past the individual problem to the horizon. That’s a direct result of the way we have been learning to think and interact with each other through the Accelerator. Our Engineer and I are having conversations beyond just Salesforce, thinking not just about step 1, but step 10, to make investments for the long term."

Tsering Alleyne, Director of Marketing
Global Citizen Year
Program testimonials

"The Accelerator has helped me to contextualize conversations with my colleagues around data. By simply introducing the idea of storytelling through data into the language we use it has dramatically changed the attitude towards using our Salesforce. The discovery process shed a lot of light onto the parts of our daily processes that were especially challenging."

Alex Fosco, Data Manager
Program testimonials

"I’m learning from OpenTent that this work must be anchored by a human approach. It’s helping me think through our potential project priorities and effort involved. Our humans need to be happy for our tech to be successful, which is obvious to me now through this program."

Tsering Alleyne, Director of Marketing Operations
Global Citizen Year

Learn with and from your cohort

Relationships are the foundation of our success. Build connections and network with industry experts and a cohort of your peers.

Get personalized,
one-to-one coaching

Unlock the power of your potential with a coach who has been in your shoes.

Participate in
expert-led workshops

The OpenTent team has spent years building our Salesforce® "Field Guide" and distilled the right tools and skills you need to succeed.

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