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How does OpenTent approach employee compensation?

May 3, 2022

In the spirit of working #outloud, we want to let our prospective teammates, customers, and really just anyone who wants to learn from what we have done and are consistently striving towards know how we approach employee compensation.

Money and salaries can be one of those subjects that people don’t know how to talk about. Some folks or companies feel nervous or uncomfortable being transparent about their compensation policies - possibly because they may not actually have clear guidelines or equitable policies around who they hire, why they hire them, and how much they pay them. This article aims to explain OpenTent salaries clearly in a way that will supplement our job postings, share enough information without sharing too much externally, and provide education / inspiration for other companies.

How does OpenTent compensate our consultants? 

At OpenTent, we are a dedicated group of data nerds inspired by the extraordinary things that can happen when people come together as a community, and we believe that building community starts with us. We find incredibly talented and fun Salesforce and nonprofit experts, and work to provide infrastructure for those folks to connect with each other and with our clients, to continue to grow their skills, and to earn an income that allows them to thrive. 

All OpenTent Support Engineers, Solutions Engineers, and Project Management consultants are full-time employees of OpenTent. It’s worth noting this because not all consulting firms work that way — sometimes, consulting companies will work as “brokers” to connect freelance or contracted consultants with clients. 

Our compensation philosophy and goals include the following: 

Equitable: Pay everyone equitably. We keep ourselves accountable via regular 3rd party equity audits.

Individually Focused: Prioritize creating individual growth paths using a light infrastructure which is easy to understand and navigate.

Clear + Specific: Provide each teammate written rationale behind their current compensation, and clearly define together with each individual the actions or time (or both) to unlock increases.

Dual Paths for Increases: Accommodate dual leadership paths to increase compensation through either leadership / accountability or experience / expertise.

Transparent: Encourage our team to share and discuss salaries freely. We are working towards 100% salary transparency, where everyone’s compensation is shared with all, which takes a lot of trust to build together. 

What kind of salary offer can I expect for a job at OpenTent? 

We have Core Salaries which are based on experience and demonstrated competencies. These are aligned (for the most part) with our Titles. 

We have Core Salary Upgrades, which are fixed and universal. We pay extra for certain Salesforce Certifications, specific experience, and other specific credentials which are valuable to the company. 

We also have add-ons to salaries based on additional responsibilities and specific business needs, which we call Discretionary Add-Ons

Core Salaries

Core Salary Upgrades can be added on to the above Core Salaries based on additional relevant experience or specific certifications. Occasionally, new teammates will also meet a specific business need, which would mean that an additional Discretionary Add-On might be available as well. 

While our salaries are highly customized, when you apply for a job at OpenTent, we do want you to know what to expect, generally. Here are some rough guidelines for you for Project Manager and Solutions Engineer roles: 

* If you haven’t worked as a consultant before, we most likely will not be able to start you at higher than $95,000 for your total compensation (Core + Upgrades + Add-Ons), regardless of your Salesforce- or Nonprofit-related experience. Depending on your experience and the position for which we are hiring, you could probably expect to start out between $65,000 - $85,000 (this is typical).

* If you have at least 3 years of Salesforce consulting experience, you could expect to start at $95,000 with the possibility of higher initial compensation based on your specific experience. We don’t have an “official” salary cap, but we are focused on supporting nonprofit customers, so our budget is accordingly limited. Depending on your experience and the position for which

What other benefits are available to employees?

We are proud of what we provide our employees in additional benefits. These include: excellent health insurance with premiums paid by the company, 401k matching, generous PTO and leave policies, unlimited Personal Development budget, mental health reimbursement plan, and two weeklong company closures a year.

We encourage you to ask us any questions you have about compensation during the interview process. We are committed to building an awesome place to work, and continuing to cultivate an environment where open communication around compensation is the norm. 

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