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The OpenTent Holistic Salesforce Admin Bootcamp

June 23, 2022

Next quarter, we are excited to offer a new service, bringing a new approach to supporting our clients' Salesforce environments. We are combining materials from the Accelerator, coaching from Kayleigh, and everything we have learned from offering our Support Engineer role as a paid service to provide the option for a Salesforce Admin Bootcamp to our onboarding and existing clients.

The Admin Bootcamp can be a part of a client's existing consulting subscription, or they can add it on to their subscription for a quarter in order to maintain their current consulting capacity with us.

What is it?

12-week bootcamp designed to support client staff in serving as Salesforce Administrators for their organization. Bootcamp Admins participate in the following weekly program:

  • 45-min 1-1 coaching session
  • 1-hour group learning session
  • 5 hours of independent learning assignments
  • Ad hoc goal-setting/progress meetings with OT, Admin/Managers as needed (up to 1 hour a week)

What do you learn?

Why are we doing this?

OpenTent believes in creating a systemized approach to training new admins that can be easily replicated and lead by any team member, and without a lot of overhead. We are already operating an Accelerator and providing coaching so this was a next step. Our team wants to trust that they will have a partner on the client side who “gets it” and that they fully understand best practices and the way OT works. The bootcamp will ensure that there is a designated person on our team responsible for training the client’s admin and that we enable easy coordination with the Trainer to inform about relevant project work - a holistic way of creating sustainable and looped in admins to continue the work we implement!

For our clients it provides an outsourced training for entry level / new admins on their team with minimal involvement from supervisor. It's low cost and a more effective training than regular Salesforce training with regular progress updates and the ability for all of us to be aligned and clear on quarterly outcomes. And for the admin being trained, they have clarity about what they will learn, some control over their own learning, and the ability to show progress for themselves and to report back to their boss. We think they will feel like the learning is fun and not an extra burden, and that they learn core skills about Salesforce as it relates to their own organization, with knowledge on how to continue learning after bootcamp ends.

Follow the journey of the first cohort set to start pre-work this month! And since we LOVE sharing what we've learned as we try this new service, we can't wait to report back after our first cohort completes the bootcamp at the end of September.

To learn more about OpenTent's way of Working Out Loud, get in touch here!

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