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Measuring the “Fuzzy” Part of Our Work

July 8, 2021

How do you measure relationships?  How do you value them?

There are surveys, automated reminders to provide feedback, quarterly reviews and satisfaction scores. Then there are simply stories--the unmeasurable moments that communicate a very human truth about the quality and depth of the connection you have cultivated.

One of our engineers helped a client build out a portion of a portal that helps their preschool function smoothly and allows their teachers to teach. The client reacted with tears of joy and a personal invitation to their school’s incredible 2 acre goat farm.

Very few business books include ‘tears of joy’ and ‘personal invitations to a client’s goat farm’ as KPIs for relationship success. At OpenTent, though, it’s moments like this in tandem with more quantitative feedback that really guide our work. Finding ways to measure and communicate the ‘fuzzier’ aspects of our relationships for ourselves and our clients continues to be a goal for us as a company. In the meantime, we’ll keep sharing these meaningful stories.

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