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New Year, New Look

Samuel Adiv
February 10, 2021

New year, new brand identity, new content!

At OpenTent, we have had a revitalizing start to 2021:

Our OpenTent Team Advance: We took two weeks at the beginning of January to focus on “advancing” our work: revamping our internal processes and getting to know our new teammates. Our (virtual) time together was integral to starting our new year off on the right foot since we had almost doubled our staff size and new teammates joined each of our project teams. Our new staff were able to get up to speed and get to know each other in a real way without the immediate pressure of producing client work.

Our new brand identity: We worked with an amazing team of designers: The Good Kind, Saint Friend, Adamastor Studio, JG Debray, and Sun Queen Designs to upgrade our OpenTent look. We are proud of the work we do with our clients and how we work with each other, and now we want to shine that OpenTent beacon to the rest of the world. This new brand identity allows us to share who we are in a joyful and authentic way.

OpenTent Out Loud: We are going to be sharing here more often about the work we are doing as part of our effort to #workoutloud. Part of sharing who we are with the world means involving our external community in the what, how, and why of our work - and doing that on a more consistent basis. Look out for our posts on “Pro Tips” Tuesday for helpful insights from our work and “Make It” Thursdays to see how our community is living OpenTent’s values through our work.

We would love to hear your feedback - tell us what you think of our new logo and website!

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