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As knowledge workers, we are constantly seeking ways to unlock more energy and focus in every day. These "unlock factors" are critical to our personal happiness and professional success.

When we started this work, we thought that time was our biggest constraint. It felt like there simply weren't enough hours in the day to get done all the things we wanted to do.

But then we started to realize: sometimes, many times, we actually do have enough hours available, but we are not productive with that time. Sometimes - it happens to the all of us at some point - we have hours or full days in which we are pretty unproductive. Perhaps we are tired, or stressed, or anxious. Perhaps the work in front of us is too amorphous to figure out how to dig into, so we stall or avoid it.

It only takes a couple days of going through this frustration to realize: it's not about finding more hours in the week, it's about unlocking more energy and focus throughout the day.

Perhaps the single most important strength we can build as knowledge workers is knowing what factors drain us and what factors rev us up.

And perhaps the single most important action we can take as a team is to support each other in building work environments which amplify energy and focus.

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