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What's new in 2024?

Samuel Adiv
January 2, 2024

What's newly possible for your organization in 2024?

Before jumping straight back into work today, it's worth pausing to ask:

  • Are there routine tasks you or your team does each week which could happen a lot quicker with new tools?
  • Are there decisions you should be making which you couldn't make before, because now you have more data to help evaluate?
  • Are there new offerings you can make real this year because you have the tools, processes, data, and people skills that you didn't have before?

At OpenTent, we're exploring:

  • Could we collate meeting notes and next steps faster by using new AI tools?
  • Could we create clearer growth paths for our team members based on client patterns we've learned over our 8+ years in business?
  • What new ways can we help our clients who have been with us and on Salesforce successfully for years?

And - always most important:

How can we build more JOY into our work days?

2024 is a great year to make work suck less for your team.

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