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Why OpenTent cares about your 'Zone of Genius'

April 29, 2022

Unstoppable. Powerful. Unique. Timelessness. Energy. Flow. Do these words describe you and especially, "working" you?

According to 15five blog (a blog from an HR app we use and love!), your Zone of Genius "is the physical and mental space where your interests, passions and skills converge to make you unstoppable in your employee performance."

Well that sounds amazing, right? But does it really exist? Is it possible to have a company where all the team members are living in this zone, all or most of the time?

We think and hope so. And we want to create a work revolution around this prospect.

Imagine what a company could accomplish if everyone lived in this zone, constantly doing their best work at the right time with the right tools? Time could be spent innovating, taking leaps, and accomplishing huge things instead of being fraught with constant HR issues, lack of motivation, anxiety over poor performance or poor management. Time could be spent learning, growing, adapting, and changing the WORLD instead of being stuck, frustrated, angry, or perseverating on the wrong issues.

Ok, so how do we do it?

As Kayleigh Collins, Co-Owner and Director of Coaching says, "we gotta get the right people in the right seats. And when they aren't, we need to be proactive about changing the situation."

Some practices that might help:

  • Watching someone's face and body language when they talk about the work they are or will be doing - People in their zone LIGHT UP.
  • Watch their ability to stay focused and produce creatively - People in their zone don't get easily distracted away or have no product, they can really make stuff happen!
  • Ask them! Ask good questions in the interview process and beyond. Find out what they wanted to be when they were young, what makes them feel alive. Ask them about a time they were proud of themselves and when they are at their best. Ask them about HOW they work best, what kind of support they need, how they communicate.

Sometimes we aren't hitting the zones because we aren't asking the right questions, encouraging transparency and authenticity, or really listening. Sometimes we aren't hitting the zones because we are focused on the right things at the wrong time or the wrong things at the right time!

OpenTent is on a mission to learn and grow our people's zone of genius. We are practicing and trying each day, each week, each quarter, to ensure we are paying attention, staying aligned and in tune with our teammates, and staying agile when we realize we need to pivot.

We want our work to be unstoppable. We want our people to feel powerful, impactful, and happy so that they can help more mission driven organizations thrive.

Come join our work revolution!

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