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Introducing Tents: Our New Hybrid Office Structure

Samuel Adiv
March 10, 2019

Perhaps the single most important strength we can build as knowledge workers is knowing what factors drain us and what factors rev us up.

And perhaps the single most important action we can take as a team is to support each other in building work environments which amplify energy and focus.

In the name of that goal, we're proud to share two big new company updates:

  1. Last week, we became a hybrid team with four team members working in our Brooklyn WeWork and two team members working remotely. We are now accepting remote team members in order to enable people to work from their home communities, in order to unlock the energy that comes from feeling rooted and comfortable.
  2. In October, we will open up a new office in Denver, Colorado in addition to our Brooklyn office. Sam and his wife are moving to Denver in September, and we are psyched to be opening up OpenTent operations there. We will call our two offices "Tents" in line with our company brand. Our two Tents enable people to work together in the same room, in order to unlock the energy that comes from feeling connected and spontaneous.

    Instead of becoming fully remote (like most of our competitors), we are keeping our offices because we believe in the power that comes from physical place. We believe we will be better able to create community by having places of our own in which we can convene clients, vendors, consultant partners, and our full team.

What does this mean for our clients?

  • We will continue to support our clients as we have since we started: through Zoom calls and in person as frequently as possible.
  • We will do our best to make our Zoom calls super enjoyable if not the best part of your day: we will make sure we have fast internet, clear audio, and good lighting.
  • We encourage you to come visit our Tents whenever you can. We'd love to host you! We hope to do more and more client convenings starting this summer.

If you have experience with hybrid teams, please be in touch to share! We'd love to learn from you about this, and we will share our own learnings here on this blog as we dig into this new phase of Team OpenTent.

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